Episode 82

Rebuild Made in America with Wendy Rosen


February 13th, 2023

32 mins 13 secs

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Last week, Wendy Rosen wrote an open letter to President Biden calling on the federal government to help rebuild Made in America. Her letter "Dear President Biden, Rebuild Made in America," struck a cord with Dane, and he brought her on the show to talk about it, and her experiences and insight.

Wendy Rosen is the founder of the American Made Show, the national trade show for American made products. At it's height the show featured 1,600 exhibiting artisans and hosted more than 10,000 retail buyers who ordered more than $40 million at each show in Philadelphia.

Realizing that artists desperately needed business education, Rosen founded the Arts Business Institute and taught workshops in more than 35 states. As one of the first in the field of "arts economic development," she transformed an abandoned civil war era cotton mill into the Mill Centre Artist Studios.

Rosen's AmericanStyle magazine published an annual list of America's Top Arts Destinations. The sector grew to contribute 14B annually to the GDP but lost 70% of it's small businesses after 2009 when small businesses lost seasonal credit lines in the wake of the banking crisis and closure of community banks.

Rosen now provides affordable growth planning services for arts organizations and creative communities. After Richard Florida gives you an assessment or asset inventory, she's the person to give you an affordable plan of action.

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