Ben Lamb serves as the Vice President of Economic Development at 1Berkshire, where he steers the economic growth and tourism initiatives for the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Beyond his professional role, Ben is a devoted father, an enthusiastic gardener, a champion of creative placemaking, a former city councilor, a diligent PhD student, and an avid DIY enthusiast. He is deeply committed to grassroots and comprehensive approaches to economic development.

Ben's journey into economic development is as rich and varied as the landscape he serves. With initial studies in Biology and Environmental Studies, his path meandered through diverse experiences in Belize, Alaska, and Virginia, shaped his skills as a high school guidance counselor, and honed his leadership in higher education at a prestigious liberal arts college. This eclectic background, coupled with a series of fortunate twists and a steadfast pursuit of his passions, propelled him into a pivotal role in economic development, advocating for a strategy that is embraced, crafted, and valued by the entire community, across a region that spans one-sixth of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In every aspect, Ben believes economic development should be a shared endeavor, fostering a sense of ownership, pride, and collective progress throughout the community.

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