Larry Holt serves as the Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development and is passionate about economic development as a driver for inclusive prosperity and equitable outcomes across LAEDC’s strategic priorities in the Business Assistance, Industry Cluster Development, and Workforce Development departments. Mr. Holt leads LAEDC’s effort to provide business technical assistance to the diverse business community in the Los Angeles region in partnership with key governmental, philanthropic and industry allies.

Mr. Holt was recognized by Consultant Connect as a National Top 50 Economic Development executive in 2019, and brings a proven ability to translate and integrate the needs of governments and businesses. His career reflects a passion and commitment to innovation-based inclusive economic development strategies that drive new investment through trade. In the last decade, he and his teams have attracted $583 million in capital investment and 7,261 jobs. With multisector executive leadership experience in the government, nonprofit, and community sectors, Larry‘s market experience includes Dallas, Texas; Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; and Birmingham, Alabama.

Most recently a resident of Oak Lawn, the historic center of the LGBTQ community in Dallas, Larry has family in Southern California and enjoys volunteering in the creative arts. Most recently he served as a board member for Music Portland, and the nonprofit Stomping Ground Comedy Theatre in Dallas, Texas.

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