Episode 126

1Berkshire's Wraparound Approach to Economic Development with Ben Lamb


April 1st, 2024

29 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of the Econ Dev Show, host Dane Carlson engages with Ben Lamb, Vice President of Economic Development at 1Berkshire in Massachusetts, to unravel the synergistic blend of economic growth and tourism in the Berkshires. Ben illuminates the unique approach of integrating cultural and economic vibrancy within a rural context, underlining the strategic application of 'wraparound economic development.' This concept not only aims at job creation and business enhancement but also keenly addresses broader community needs, including housing and transit, thus fostering a holistic regional development.

The discussion ventures into the evolving demographics and economic shifts in the Berkshires, emphasizing post-pandemic transformations and the region's increasing diversity. Ben underscores the significance of fostering connectivity and collaborative efforts across geographic and sectoral boundaries, positioning the Berkshires as a pivotal hub for innovation and cultural richness in the Northeast. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for economic developers and community strategists alike, offering profound lessons on leveraging adaptability, collaboration, and community-centric approaches to catalyze sustainable regional prosperity.

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