Andrew Phillips

My name is Andrew. I'm a Senior Account Executive at LinkedIn, and I help market places.

My professional journey began in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I was lucky enough to join some great teams as I began my career in technology. Between 2012 and 2015, I took part in two major acquisitions (Wildfire, acquired by Google in 2012; Bizo, acquired by LinkedIn in 2014). I then had the opportunity to leave Silicon Valley to help LinkedIn establish its first office in Washington DC as the second client-facing hire. I'm experienced selling traditional SAAS solutions as well as advertising & media products.

Working for two prominent Silicon Valley startups gave me first-hand knowledge of how great teams are formed from the ground up. Working for two of the most iconic tech brands on the planet means I know how cultures are built to last the test of time. I'll always seek out high-caliber teams taking on daunting challenges.

I currently help EDOs, DMOs, IPAs and their agencies reach the right stakeholders: potential visitors, workforce talent, site selectors, business executives, and other key audiences.

Anyone interested in learning more can reach me at

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