Taylor Stepp

Taylor Stepp is a project manager covering 9 counties in southern Ohio. In this role he is the gateway to JobsOhio and State of Ohio incentives. Taylor not only assists with business attraction, but coordinates and leads the BR&E program in his counties.

“Taylor’s commitment to his profession is evidenced by his record of success in managing investment and job creation projects in the OhioSE sub-region he covers,” said Katy Farber, OhioSE Vice President. “His hard work and determination are making positive changes in our region. He is a valued member of our OhioSE team.”


Taylor's most influential book is the Bible. "It offers guiding principals that I do my best to live by daily, " he said.

Fun Fact

Taylor was a two-time elected student body president at Ohio State University. "That experience really helped develop me greatly and it was a tremendous opportunity."

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