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We explore the strategies, ideas, and insights that are driving economic development forward into the future. You'll hear new insights from passionate ED's about their successes and struggles, and you'll learn from attraction and retention experts about how to apply actionable strategies inside your EDO. We'll help take your organization, your community, and your career to the next level.

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  • 105: Fusing Memes, AI, and Economic Development in Georgia With Ben McDaniel

    August 21st, 2023  |  22 mins 16 secs
    ai, ai in community engagement, barrow county georgia, ben mcdaniel, eco devo, econdev, economic development, innovative marketing techniques, marketing strategies, memes, memes in advertising

    Economic developer Ben McDaniel discusses using memes and AI to market his community of Barrow County, Georgia.

  • 104: Nurturing the Next Generation: Dr. Chad Miller's Vision for Economic Development's Future

    August 14th, 2023  |  29 mins 20 secs
    eco devo, econdev, economic development

    Join Dane Carlson and Dr. Chad Miller as they explore the shifting paradigms of economic development, emphasizing the blend of art and science within the profession. Dive into reshoring trends, the growing emphasis on tech skills and community development, and the pivotal role of academic-industry collaboration in shaping the future of econ dev.

  • 103: Zen and the Art of Rural Economic Development with Sean Adkins

    August 7th, 2023  |  22 mins 45 secs
    childcare facilities, community needs, community resistance, compromise, east coast states, eco devo, econdev, economic development, hospitality industry, housing issues, interview, local government, motorcycle maintenance, perspective, public service, regulations, rural economic development, small towns, town manager, vermont, virginia, workforce challenges, zen philosophy

    Sean Adkins discusses his diverse economic development career spanning rural Virginia and Vermont, including an unexpectedly central role in launching a childcare facility.

  • 102: The Intersection of Podcasting and Economic Development with Jennifer Olson

    July 31st, 2023  |  29 mins 5 secs
    business development, business storytelling, community collaboration, downtown revitalization, eco devo, econdev, economic development, illinois, podcasting, rural entrepreneurship, small businesses, tourism

    Dane Carlson chats with Jennifer Olson, Director of Business Development for Marion, Illinois, and co-host of the "Small Town, Big Business" podcast. They delve into the influence of the podcast on local businesses, Marion's economic development efforts, tourism potential, and the critical role of community collaboration in creating vibrant downtown spaces.

  • 101: Entrepreneurs are Transforming Economic Development with Courtney Zaugg

    July 24th, 2023  |  45 mins 21 secs
    acceptance of failure, bankable businesses, community development financial institutions (cdfis), cross-sector conversations, distressed community development, eco devo, econdev, economic development, entrepreneurial ecosystems, entrepreneurship, generational shifts., higher education evolution, impact funds, industry evolution, leadership shift, philanthropic partnerships, practical steps for communities, resource accessibility, rural community development, startups, systemic change, traditional business structures, venture capital limitations

    In this episode, Dane Carlson talks with Courtney Zaugg in a profound conversation about the intersection of entrepreneurship and economic development. The discussion centers on systemic change, entrepreneurial ecosystems, limitations of traditional venture capital, and the potential of innovative partnerships.

  • 100: Topophilia in Sacramento with Cameron Law

    July 17th, 2023  |  21 mins 44 secs
    carlsen center, eco devo, econdev, economic development, entrepreneurship, sacramento, topophilia

    In this episode, Cameron Law, the executive director of the Carlsen Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, discusses the center's role in driving economic development and supporting entrepreneurs in Sacramento. He shares insights on the region's industries, the importance of intentional community building, and provides valuable resources for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • 99: Unraveling the Jones Act with Colin Grabow

    July 14th, 2023  |  31 mins 31 secs
    eco devo, econdev, economic development, endthejonesact, jones act, ship building, shipping

    In this episode, we explore the Jones Act and its impacts on domestic trade and economic development with Colin Grabow, research fellow at the Cato Institute.

  • 98: Pawns, Kings, and Rooks: Economic Development with Karl Heck

    July 10th, 2023  |  29 mins 57 secs
    chess, eco devo, econdev, economic development, virginia

    We explore multifaceted economic development in Franklin, Virginia. Guest, Karl Heck, President and CEO of the region's EDO, touches on his unique approach to tackling industrial growth and community development while drawing occasional parallels to his passion for chess.

  • 97: A Deep Dive into a Local Business Incubator with Lina Rugova

    July 4th, 2023  |  23 mins 40 secs
    business incubator, eco devo, econdev, economic development, incubator, san antonio

    Exploring the transformative power of business incubators with Lina Rugova, founder of Emerge and Rise.

  • 96: Chambers of Commerce: From Relevant to Essential

    June 12th, 2023  |  12 mins 46 secs
    books, chamber of commerce, eco devo, econdev, economic development

    In this episode of the Econ Dev Show, Dane Carlson discusses the book "From Relevant to Essential: Five Key Insights for Chambers of Commerce" by Casey Steinbach.

  • 95: AI in Economic Development

    June 5th, 2023  |  25 mins 46 secs
    ai, chatgpt, ecdev, eco devo, econdev, economic development

    In this episode of the Econ Dev Show, host Dane Carlson shares his experiences using the AI tool ChatGPT for economic development tasks. Built for interacting with OpenAI's models, the chatbot's capacity to understand and generate human-like text has made it a radically transformative tool. Dane talks about various applications for AI technology in economic development and compares it to other automation tools often used in economic development offices.

  • 94: Main Street Makeover: How CO.STARTERS Trains for Economic Revival with Jose Alfaro

    May 15th, 2023  |  26 mins 12 secs
    eco devo, econdev, economic development

    In this episode, Dane chats with Jose Alfaro, CEO of CO.STARTERS, an entrepreneurial accelerator program designed to transform creative passions into profitable businesses in local communities. Listen in as Jose shares the journey of CO.STARTERS from its humble beginnings to its current global reach, and the unique, community-focused approach it uses to foster local entrepreneurship.