Episode 92

The Human Centered Approach to Economic Development with Larry Holt


May 1st, 2023

33 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

In this podcast episode, Dane Carlson talks with Larry Holt, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation's Vice President of Economic & Workforce Development.

Holt shares his insights on the human-centered approach to economic development. According to Holt, economic development is all about serving the communities and providing them with opportunities that will improve their lives.

He also discusses the challenges and opportunities of economic development in California, a state with a massive population boom after World War II that has led to significant housing supply issues. He acknowledges that the birthplace of the environmental movement and taxation policies have also contributed to restrictions on new housing growth, making it difficult to keep working-class families in their homes. However, he remains optimistic about the state's concerted effort to drive new housing supply and incentivize more housing around public transportation, which will help meet California's climate goals.

Despite the challenges, Holt believes that economic development is more relevant than ever, and economic developers have a crucial role to play in driving the future of their communities. He notes that they must be larger voices for pro-housing policies, advocate for resources for workforce systems, and have a broader view of economic development beyond just attracting businesses. In closing, Holt expresses his excitement about the future of Los Angeles and California's economic development and the role he and his colleagues play in shaping their communities' future.

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